Ventura County Smoke & Odor Removal Services

When you’ve just experienced a home or business catastrophe, odor control may be the last thing on your mind.  But people dislike certain smells for a reason — they indicate something harmful.  Smoke contains hundreds of harmful and even toxic compounds that can become a permanent part of your home and belongings if not treated promptly and properly, making smoke damage restoration an important part of any fire damage repair. Whether from a burst pipe or water heater, natural flooding, or just excess humidity that musty smell of mold tells you that allergens and toxins are present and you need mold remediation.  In both cases, you need 24 hour emergency professional remediation and odor control services to keep matters form getting out of control.

You’ll also want professional smoke and odor removal to finally be rid of those annoying cigarette and pet odors.

Choose JW Home Care Restoration

backerphotoJW Home Care Restoration has technicians certified in smoke and odor removal on call day and night to meet your 24 hour emergency service needs 365 days of the year.  Call us and we’ll be on the way right away.

JW Home Care Restoration is a local family owned and operated company, and we truly care about our clients and their homes;  that’s why we got into the business.  We’re well-trained, experienced, and certified in cleaning and odor removal for the seemingly limitless combinations of odor-causing compounds and the materials they settle on to and migrate in to.  From cigarette smoke and pet odors to major disaster clean up we always follow best practices, combining tried and true methods with the latest technologies and solutions.  JW Home Care Restoration is fully insured and licensed, and highly rated online. For those recoiling from major fire or water damage, we’ll work directly with your insurance company to take a load off of you during a difficult time.

Odor Control

Bad smells can come from a variety of sources such as pets, cigarette smoke, other tobacco smoke, fires, and mold.  They settle on furniture, carpet, rugs, clothing, walls, and throughout the home or business.  And the compounds that cause them can also seep through cracks and other small openings to where surface-cleaning methods can’t reach them.  As just one example, a fire can create thousands of smelly byproducts, many of them toxic to people and pets.  If not immediately and thoroughly removed those compounds soak in deeply.  So deeply that they can no longer be removed, and result in years of lingering odors.

That’s why you need expert odor removal services to make sure that everything is done properly.  Those compounds need to be neutralized.  Adding fragrance and hoping they go away just doesn’t cut it.  Restoration services should include professional odor control as part of returning the building to pre-loss condition, and in fire and water damage repairs are usually covered by insurance. JW Home Care Restoration uses thorough scientifically-based treatments that are non-toxic and eco-friendly.

We have an arsenal of procedures, equipment, and cleansers that if deployed soon enough are 100% effective.

  • special surface cleansers
  • hot-water extraction and other deep-cleaning methods for carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture
  • air-scrubbing filters
  • thermal foggers
  • ozone and hydroxyl generators that literally destroy odor compounds wherever they may be, then themselves degrade to harmless water and oxygen


Smoke and Odor Removal

The various types of smoke and soot (depending on the burning materials and temperatures of burning) travel far and wide, and into the most unexpected of places.  They actually travel towards cooler areas and make their way into electronics, duct work, and so on.  With incomplete fire damage repair services, smoke odors and toxins can be so bad that the building is unlivable.  Plus smoke is acidic and damages even metals.  Our company fully treats the building and its contents as part of restoring everything to pre-loss conditions.  For smoke and odor removal we often bring in additional and more aggressive methods such as the following examples.

  • dry ice blasting to remove smoke, soot, and char with little or no cleanup
  • baking soda blasting for smoke, soot, and char removal together with absorbing odor compounds
  • seal surfaces if smoke compounds have already penetrated into porous building materials


Mold Remediation Odor Removal

That musty smell of mold can be pervasive, even after mold removal.  So we’ll often use our ozone and hydroxyl generators to fully neutralize those smells for immediate relief.