About Us

JW Home Care Inc. was established in 2012 by Jonathan Wagoner. We offer water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold removal and more in the 80+ cities we serve in California without franchising. Our approach has always been different, we don’t just say we put our customers first we mean it. Doing things right and raising the bar for the industry has been a major key in the growth of our business.

We’ve opted out of that program work

Unlike other restoration companies we do not rely on insurance carriers for work, we have opted out of being an insurance vendor for carriers. What that means for our customers is they are the only person we have to answer to. We will always work with your insurance company, as a matter of fact, in the state of California it is your choice on who you use. No corners will ever be cut because your insurance company wants to save a few dollars, we don’t answer to them, we answer to you.

Not a Franchise

While franchising might be great for some, we’ve found it to be messy. When you call a big name restoration company chances are they are a franchise, while that might sound great, be careful. Who’s held responsible if something isn’t done right? You could be dealing with over 1,000 different independent business owners and thousands of employees not interviewed by that big name you thought you hired. With us its simple, our employees are hired by US, and we hold every single one of our employees accountable for the values we stand for.

What’s our mission?

We bring integrity, honesty and order through our exceptional customer service and provide peace of mind in the most chaotic circumstances. Our company culture invest in our employees through training, tool, and empowerment along with some fun. As we continue to grow and expand, our core values will remain steadfast.

JW Home Care Restoration At Work