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Upholstery Cleaning Services

Do you have sweaty kids that jump on your couches after a sports practice or from running around outdoors, do they eat and drink on your couches? Or maybe you have pets that love laying on your couches? Did you know that your couches are absorbing all that moisture, odor and pet hair on a daily basis?

Vacuuming your couches on a regular basis is important in removing dirt, dust and allergens and regular vacuuming also helps maintain the life of the upholstery. While this definitely helps keep your upholstered couches clean, you may also want to consider professional cleaning.

Maybe you are having guests over and are not too happy with the appearance of your furniture. Not only does professional cleaning make your furniture look cleaner and almost new for your guests, it can help save you money in the long run. More often we see our couches or chairs looking dirty and dingy and we immediately think it’s time for new furniture. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on new furniture, why not get them cleaned professionally.

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After vacuuming your upholstery we use a hot water extraction that allows us to remove any dirt, stains and odors from the upholstery without leaving residues behind. You can expect your furniture to dry in about 2-3 hours. Our certified technicians are very thorough and will explain the process to you. We offer free estimates and are prepared to do the job upon your approval so we do not have to go back out to get the job done.

We offer flexible schedules with a 2 hour arrival so you’re not sitting around all day waiting for us to show up. Give JW Home Care a call today at 1-877-505-7188 so we can set up an appointment to go out and get your furniture looking brand new.