Mold Removal Simi Valley, California

Have a mold problem?  Or think you might?  Then you shouldn’t delay in having it checked out — every day potentially exposes you and your family to serious health risks.  If you’ve just had a sudden water intrusion, you may have as little as 24 hours to prevent a major outbreak of mold.  Business owners:  did you know that mold remediation is required by OSHA regulations governing a healthy and safe workplace?  JW Restoration is a licensed mold removal company, ready for any home or business in Simi Valley with 24/7 emergency services.

Mold Hazards

You might think that all mold growth and the associated hazards will be obvious, but that’s not always the case.

  • A type of fungus, it can grow in complete darkness.  So much, most, or even all of an infestation may be completely out of sight in locations like crawl spaces, behind cabinets, under flooring, or even completely inside walls.
  • Not just black mold is toxic.  Other species of different colors also release toxins.  And not all black molds are toxic.
  • All varieties release irritants, allergens, and other contaminants.  They can lead to eye/nose/throat irritations, stuffy noses, and flu-like symptoms.  And that in turn can lead to respiratory infections and other serious conditions, especially for seniors and children.
  • It spreads by tiny essentially invisible spores that float in the air.  Those spores are always around and reach just about everywhere, indoors and out.

With the relatively moderate Simi Valley climate all it really needs is a lingering source of moisture, any time of the year.  That could be sudden flooding from a winter storm or fire suppression, or more subtly via a roof or minor plumbing leak.  Or just a broken exhaust fan or blocked vent in a bath.

About Mold Removal

Disturbing or killing mold usually results in a burst of spores and contaminants being released and spreading the problem.  Bleach, well, bleaches paint, wall paper, and textiles.  Not only are allergens and potentially toxins left behind, but such treatment doesn’t reach what’s below the surface, ready to spring forward.

Considering the potential health risks, the opportunity for spread, and the difficulty of complete mold and spore removal the EPA urges professional services for any problem covering more than 10 square feet (about 3 feet across —

What to Look for in a Mold Removal Company

Not just any company can offer mold remediation services.  They must be specifically licensed for that activity, and OSHA requires proper personal protective gear and training for their workers.  You should choose a company with a strong local presence near Simi Valley and a great reputation.  Their technicians should be certified by a recognized organization, and their services must include proper transportation and disposal of all materials as hazardous wastes.

Choose JW Restoration for Mold Remediation

We’re licensed for mold removal in California and combine highly trained and certified technicians with the latest in equipment for an efficient and absolutely thorough job.  Headquartered just 45 minutes from Simi Valley, we diligently apply ANSI/IICRC S520 Guidelines for Professional Mold Remediation as well as the EPA guidelines for Mold Removal for Schools and Commercial Buildings.

Independently owned and operated we hold ourselves to high standards in technical expertise, business ethics, and customer service.  We’re an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau.  Each project is different, so we’ll create a schedule with goals specific to your situation and explain everything to put your mind at ease.  And we’ll work directly with your insurance company to save you those distractions and headaches.

Our Process

We begin with a close inspection and mold damage assessment that may include leak detection and/or taking indoor air and interior building surface testing to determine the exact nature of the outbreak.  Following IICRC S520 (the non-profit Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) our specialists team will isolate and ventilate the work area to prevent spreading spores, health hazards, and just plain dust before beginning actual mold removal.  That may be by any of several approved processes such as physical surface removal, including dry-ice blasting (not that common among companies serving the City of Simi Valley) and HEPA vacuuming.  Affected porous materials must be replaced, and we recommend following through with carpet and air duct cleaning.  As part of our mold abatement we’ll apply non-toxic anti-microbials and in special cases seal building materials that can’t be replaced.  We’ll also remove odors right down into the structure itself, properly dispose of all wastes, and retest.

Mold Prevention Tips for Simi Valley Homes and Businesses

  1. Mold is the most common form of water damage, so periodic roof, window, and plumbing inspections every few years are a good idea.  Also, from time to time check that bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are working effectively.
  2. If you experience a small spill, overflow, or appliance break down mop and dry the area immediately.  If more than a few square feet or carpet are soaked or if there’s been prolonged dampness anywhere it’s time to call the professionals at JW.
  3. You can’t prevent natural flooding, so find out if you’re in a flood zone according to the latest The City of Simi Valley web page explains how.  If you are in a risk area, make sure you’re properly covered.  That could be a rider (addition) to your homeowners policy or through The National Flood Insurance Program