Mold Removal Oxnard, California

Having a mold problem at your Oxnard, California home or business?  Don’t delay in getting it taken care of.  Otherwise you’re risking more building damage and potentially very serious health consequences.  By EPA recommendations ( anything more than 10 square feet (about 3 by 3 1/2 feet) call for professional mold remediation — there’s just too much risk of health issues and spreading mold further.  Our licensed mold removal team will get everything back to normal quickly and safely.

Stay Safe, Choose JW

We’re the Oxnard area’s leader with highly trained mold remediation specialists and all the latest equipment for an efficient and thorough job.  We’ve handled residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  Family owned and operated, JW is a licensed mold removal company and is fully insured.  BBB-accredited we’re ready 24/7 for a winning combination of technical excellence and personalized attention.

About Mold

There’s a lot more to mold than fuzzy patches on walls and ceilings.  It damages porous building materials and releases contamination that spreads far and wide throughout the building.  A type of fungus, it needs no light so you can have serious mold growth and never see it.  Instead you might only notice a musty odor or more frequent occurrences of health issues such as eye/nose/throat irritations, headaches, allergies, asthma attacks, or flu-like symptoms.  But if you happen to have a toxic variety such as black mold (others can be toxic as well) prolonged exposure can lead to very serious health conditions.

It spreads easily via tiny mold spores that float on the air.  You may be surprised to know the most spores are released as mold dies.  Those spores are just about everywhere, ready to grow as soon as there’s moisture.  That dampness can come from just about anything — flooding, a tub or sink overflow, a roof leak, or just a humid bathroom.  So mold is the most widespread type of water damage, and can occur inside walls and underneath flooring.

Mold Remediation

Our certified mold removal technicians follow the IICRC S520 Guideline for Professional Mold Remediation (, EPA, OSHA and other guidelines and regulations applicable to Oxnard for the best in mold removal.  Our mold remediation process begins with an expert inspection to locate and identify the problem.  Before starting work we’ll isolate the affected area as well as set up HEPA air filters and negative-pressure exhaust in order to prevent the spread of spores, toxins, and other contamination.  We’ll then follow industry best practices for your particular situation to thoroughly remove all mold and spores.  Unlike many other Oxnard service providers, with JW those options include dry-ice blasting.  We’ll seal all wastes then properly transfer them out of the building and on to proper disposal.  We’ll also use advanced odor removal equipment and techniques to get rid of every last bit of musty odors.

Mold Abatement

Our experienced crews will also take further steps to prevent future mold problems.  That includes finding a remedy to moisture problems through means such as leak detection and building dry out as well as by applying mildicide and decontaminating surrounding areas.  That can include carpet cleaning along with air duct and HVAC system cleaning.

Historic Oxnard

Incorporated as a city in 1903, Oxnard has grown to a population of 203,585 according to the city’s 2012 financial report. It’s been home to a surprising number of very famous entertainers including Cher and Sony Bono, Walter Brennan, John Caradine, Charlie Chaplin, Clark Gable, Donna Reed, Pat Sajak, and Rudy Valentino (,_California).  At JW we’re especially proud to serve Oxnard’s historic district and it’s pre-1925 homes in particular.