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Carpet Cleaning Services

Having your carpets professionally cleaned can help improve appearance and odor. If your carpet is not professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and is prone to spills or even pet accidents, your carpet may develop a permanent odor and or stains that regular carpet cleaning will not remove.

At JW Home Care our professionally trained technicians use a truck mounted steam cleaning system that uses hot water extraction to enter deep into the carpet to extract dirt and dust and any other molecules. We also offer packages that are great for pets that include Carpet Sanitizer, Pet Odor Treatment or Carpet Deodorizer as well as packages that offer Carpet Protectant. All of our products are biodegradable and non toxic.

We schedule 2 hour arrival windows Monday- Saturday and our technicians will notify you 15-30 minutes prior to arrival so you don’t have to wait around all day.


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At JW Home Care, our certified technicians will first remove and clean the register, we then use a special roto brush system in the ducts to remove all contaminants that go directly into a vacuum, therefore eliminating any debris around your home. Once the cleaning process is done on all ducts in your home, we will reinstall the register and clean up our work area.

A lot of companies offer one flat rate for cleaning all air ducts in your home, but most of the time that flat rate only consists of the actual register cleaning and once out there there add additional charges. Always make sure you read the fine print and ask what is included. At JW Home Care we charge $35 per duct which includes, as mentioned above, the removal/reinstallation and cleaning of the registers as well as the actual cleaning of the air ducts with the roto brush system.

At JW Home Care we offer flexible scheduling, so give us a call today so we can send one of our certified technicians out to get your Air Ducts Cleaned right away.