Santa Barbara Air Duct Cleaning


Even with filters dust and other contamination builds up in your furnace & air conditioning duct system.  Our Santa Barbara air duct cleaning services improve HVAC (heating, ventilation, and cooling) performance while improving indoor air quality.  That’s because we clean the full system, through and through.

Duct work often accumulates unacceptable levels of allergens such as dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, smoke odors, and more.  Together with leaks and condensation these can also lead to hidden mold.  And for better efficiency manufacturers recommend periodically cleaning fan blades, heat exchangers, coils, and drain pans along with fan blades, motors and housings.  Air duct cleaning provides an added precaution, and can often eliminate stale or “mystery” odors.



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How Air Ducts are Cleaned

Our duct cleaning process begins with laying out protection for your carpet and furniture.  We’ll then dislodge dust and other debris with a rotary brush system, taking care to use soft bristles for fiberglass duct board and fiberglass-lined metal duct work.  We’ll then use specialized equipment to vacuum it all away.  Beyond being more powerful, our tools don’t discharge that contamination back into your home or business.  It’s typically vented to the outdoors, and when that’s not possible we use HEPA micro-filters.

And we’re thorough.  It takes more than a single hour to thoroughly clean the full length of every system branch along with all the relevant parts of the heating and air conditioning system.

NOTE:  A ductwork cleaning service should never introduce water into the duct work.  That risks mold growth and a big hit to indoor air quality.

When Is Air Duct Cleaning Needed?

Whenever the insides of the duct system is dirty!  For the typical Santa Barbara home that’s roughly every 3 to 5 years.  If there’s been a building fire or nearby wildfire, air ducts may need to be cleaned in order to eliminate smoke odors.  Any interior renovation or remodeling should be done with air registers sealed off.  Otherwise you should follow up with professional cleaning to remove a wide range of contaminants.  If you see significant discoloration around supply registers then it’s also probably time for a cleaning.

TIP:  When moving into a new home or business space calling in a professional air duct cleaning service is a good idea, avoiding a host of subtle problems.

Choose JW Homecare

Our founder, Jonathan Wagner, puts his name behind the business.  Serving the Santa Barbara area since 2012 you can count on us for exceptional cleaning services tailored to each situation and with attention to every detail.  Extensively trained, we’re true professionals.  We’re even certified in emergency water and smoke damage cleaning and restoration.

Santa Barbara

It’s not surprising that Santa Barbara continues to grow.  With the west coast’s longest south-facing beach and a mild Mediterranean climate it’s been called the American Riviera.  The population of Santa Barbara proper reached and estimated population 91,196 in 2014, but the full metropolitan area exceeds 220,000.  That’s nearly half of the entire county.