Dryer Vent Cleaning in Santa Barbara


Your dryer needs a clear and open path to discharge its hot damp air.  That exhaust can contain as much as a gallon of water per load, so any restriction can greatly increase drying time.  Unfortunately lint builds up, restricting flow and posing a fire hazard.  In rare cases insects and birds can even nest in the duct.  That means your dryer will have to operate longer and will wear out sooner.  Dryer duct and vent cleaning removes those problems.  It also saves time and energy since clothes dry faster.  Our professionals serve Santa Barbara for the best in thorough and knowledgeable cleaning services.

Did You Know?  Depending on your source (The U.S. Fire Administration or the Consumer Product Safety Commission) dryers cause some 3,000 to 15,000 home fires per year, with 30 to 100 injuries, 5 to 20 deaths, and as much as $84 million in damage.


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When to Clean Your Dryer Duct

Leading manufacturers such as Maytag recommend dryer duct cleaning once a year for energy savings and fire prevention. It’s likely past time if any of the following apply.

  • It’s taking longer than it used to for your clothes to dry, or the dryer runs longer on a moisture-sensing setting.
  • Your clothes aren’t completely dry at the end of the timer cycle, or you’re having to set a longer time.
  • The outside of the dryer feels hotter than usual.
  • There’s a visible accumulation of lint at the outdoor vent.
  • It’s been 2 or more years since the last cleaning.

How It’s Done

You can find various methods to clean your dryer duct on the web.  But our well-trained staff can do an even more thorough job using special equipment such as rotating brushes, compressed air jets, and powerful vacuums.  They’ll clean everything from the outdoor flap that keeps out winter cold all the way back to the dryer.  If there’s a need they can also clean the dryer’s blower and its motor.  And they’ll let you know if they spot any problems or hazards.


Do you own or manage a laundromat in Santa Barbara?  Lint and debris in dryer ducts reduce efficiency, and the resulting longer drying times may loose you customers.  And at one time or another you might have replaced a unit when only cleaning was necessary.  Our expertise includes public coin laundries and commercial installations.  We’ll be  happy to have a look.


JW Home Care

Started in 2012 by Jonathan Wagoner, JW has technicians certified in water, fire, and mold cleaning and restoration.  With ongoing training our cleaning services are always up to date on technologies and best practices.  We tailor each job to the particular situation, and are known for our attention to detail.  We’ll leave your laundry room cleaner than when we arrived!


Santa Barbara Museums

The city has a surprising number of museums for its population, so there just might be one or two you’re not aware of.

The world-class Santa Barbara Museum of Art (SBMA) leads the list.  Its permanent collection covers antiquities as well as 19th, 20th, and 21st century American, Asian, European, North American, and Latin American works of art.  The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCASB) features temporary exhibitions, and the University Art Museum focuses on photography and other visual arts.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History features indoor and outdoor exhibitions as well as a planetarium.  Other local favorites include Casa del Herrero, Casa Dolores, the Historical Museum, the Karpeles Manuscript Library, Lotusland, the Maritime Museum, and the Reagan Ranch Center.