Santa Maria Fire and Water Damage Restoration

Have you just had a building emergency at your Santa Maria, California home or business? When taking care of water and fire damage, whether large or small, time critical. If you do not use a professional water damage company, your building may have extensive mold and structural damage in a matter of days.  Similarly, without immediate fire damage restoration, effective smoke and odor removal soon become impossible.  Whatever you’re facing, it doesn’t have to feel devastating.  Our 24-hour emergency service team can be at your door promptly, any day of the week.

JW Home Care Restoration

We provide outstanding flood services to the Santa Maria area for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.  But we’re more than a flood removal company.  Our licensed and insured technicians are highly trained and experienced in the many facets of restoration services. As water damage contractors we handle everything from a bathtub overflow to major basement flood restoration, including mold restoration.  We’re also experts in fire damage restoration from assessment to fire damage removal, including smoke & odor removal.

Fire Damage Restoration in Santa Maria

You want to get your life back to normal as soon as possible, but there’s another reason to act quickly.  Without immediate fire damage restoration efforts more items are lost to smoke damage such as staining and corrosion (yes, smoke is acidic and attacks metals and even glass and Chinaware).  Mold and other water damage soon set in, plus fire & smoke odors penetrate so deeply they’re pretty much impossible to remove.

As soon as the Santa Maria City Fire Department release the scene our fire damage restoration service can assess the situation and takes care of safety and protection issues, such as board ups.  Our fire damage removal teams then go to work removing debris and attending to other clean-up tasks.  Our fire restoration service additionally uses specialized products, equipment, and techniques for permanent smoke and odor removal, rescuing as much as possible.

Santa Maria Water Damage Restoration

Do-it-yourself efforts at water damage restoration are often an invitation to major headaches and costly repairs.  Water quickly makes its way deep into the structure where it can remain trapped for several weeks.  Or even a month or more in Santa Maria weather.  But it begins destroying wood, drywall, and other building materials within days.  And that damage can remain hidden for weeks.  That’s why you need a specialist water damage contractor.

Our drying process has several stages.  The first is water removal.  Next water extraction dries surfaces and lowers indoor humidity.  Then additional equipment such as dehumidifiers, air movers, and heaters complete a deep-down structural dry out in a matter of just a few days.  Our team also takes care of cleaning and disinfection.  Finally, there’s actual water damage removal and repairs.

Flood Restoration

Severe flooding clearly makes the job of cleaning and quick drying everything much tougher.  But it also makes sanitation paramount.  Water that’s been in contact with the ground will soon be filled with harmful germs and viruses.  In fact, the IICRC puts it in the same Category 3 as a sewage back up.  And even water from a clean source (Category 1) moves to Category 2 and 3 as it stands longer and longer.

So our flood restoration services make sure that cleaning and disinfection are downright immaculate.  Whether after a natural inundation or a basement flood from a burst clothes washer hose when we’re done everything will be clean, healthy, and odor-free.

Mold Restoration

Whether your problem is from a water intrusion or just Santa Maria humidity, we provide by-the-book mold removal with all the recommended precautions.  Our team of mold remediation specialists will properly isolate the work area then thoroughly remove spores & mold using industry best-practices.  They can also apply eco-friendly anti-microbial and clean air ducts, rugs, and carpets.  At your request, they can leave tile & grout clean and sparkling, and remove all traces of odors.

Pack Out Building Contents

Whenever there’s been significant destruction — whether from fire or water — our pack out services reduce losses and speed recovery.  Regular moving and storage companies can only make the mold and other problems worse.  Our professionals quickly move your furniture and other belongings from a damp and contaminated environment to our facility near Santa Maria for cleaning, drying, and secure storage.  That also makes more room for workers and equipment at your building and speeds the drying process.