Professional Mold Removal in Goleta, CA

A mold problem can grow from minor to major in as little as 24 hours when conditions are right.  All it really needs is the same sort of temperatures you like to keep your home or business, plus a little moisture.  That dampness could be from any leak or any sort of water damage, or just high humidity in the bathroom or over the kitchen stove.  We provide thorough professional mold remediation in and around Goleta, from expert assessment all the way through to removing those musty odors.

About Mold

A mold outbreak isn’t something to be trifled with, even if it’s not the infamous black mold.  Other colors can be toxic as well, and all species pose irritation, allergy, and other health risks.  Plus it quite literally eats many building materials, paper, and cloth.  You may see only a few fuzzy blemishes, but a far bigger problem can be hidden beneath the surface yet still be affecting indoor air quality.  That’s because mold is a type of fungus and doesn’t need light to grow.  It actually prefers dark places as they’re more likely to stay damp.

So what causes an outbreak?  Mold spores (its resilient invisibly small “seeds”) are everywhere outdoors in Goleta, and easily waft into your home or business on the tiniest of breezes.  They settle and wait for moisture to grow and spread.  When things start to dry out they release spores and the cycle starts all over again.

So the trigger for mold growth is any source of moisture.  That could be a big water damage event such as burst clothes washer hose, a relatively small roof or plumbing leak, a steamy shower, or condensation on windows.

Mold Removal vs Remediation

With mold present to some degree everywhere, indoors as well as outdoors, it’s impossible to eliminate 100%.  But it’s common to speak in terms of mold removal from an affected area even though remediation is the more accurate term.

Do-it-yourself methods must physically remove as much mold and spores as possible.  Bleaching only affects the surface and “kills” primers only block staining.  Spores and allergens remain, and the fungus can be quite happy to keep on growing just below the surface.  Unfortunately any disturbance spreads allergens and toxins, so the EPA lays out specific techniques ( and strongly recommends professional mold removal services for problems larger than 10 square feet (roughly 3-4 feet across).


Choose JW Home Care


Independently owned and operated we’re an insured, licensed, and certified mold remediation contractor for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  JW’s is BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited and we hold ourselves to the highest technical and professional standards.  Our certified mold remediation specialists and inspectors strictly follow the ANSI/IICRC S520 Guideline and R520 Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation (  And we provide them with cutting-edge equipment specific to our industry.  After an on-site assessment we’ll carefully plan out mold services specific to your situation so that you get everything you need without the expense of anything that you don’t need.



Our Mold Remediation Process

We follow EPA, IICRC, and OSHA requirements, procedures, and checklists to the letter.  Besides assuring a complete and properly done job, that’s absolutely critical in protecting everyone’s health, especially when it comes to black mold removal.  Here’s an outline of our procedures.

  • Inspection & test.  A visual inspection along with moisture-detecting instruments assess the nature and scale of the problem, including locating possible hidden areas with excess moisture.
  • Isolate & ventilate.  Setting up plastic isolation barriers, HEPA air filters, and special exhaust prevents the spread of spores, toxins, allergens, and other contamination.
  • Mold removal.  Thorough removal of mold and spores proceeds through one or more methods, including wire brushing, sanding, HEPA vacuuming, and dry ice blasting.  Infested porous materials such as drywall must be replaced.
  • Safe disposal.  Wastes must be sealed before transporting them through your building and through Goleta streets.
  • Mold Abatement. Identifying and correcting the original moisture problem is the key component of preventing re-growth.  That often involves careful leak detection.  Other mold abatement measures include air duct cleaning, carpet cleaning, and non-toxic mildicide treatments.
  • Odor removal. Ozone generators and thermal foggers can be used to completely and permanently remove any lingering musty odors.
  • Re-test. It’s often wise to re-test with new air and surface samples to assure the completeness of the mold remediation effort.


Goleta’s Climate and Mold Problems


Our wonderfully mild climate is unfortunately wonderful for mold growth as well.  Most fungi grows best between 60 and 80 degrees F, and Goleta’s daily average temperatures just happen to be 70 degrees plus or minus 10 degrees (,_California).  To minimize the likelihood of problems, indoor relative humidity should be kept in the range of 30 to 50%.  Yet according to outdoor humidity in Goleta is in the range of 80-90% January through September and 70-75% during October, November, and December.  Portable or central dehumidifiers could be a wise investment.  Heating lowers indoor humidity, so you’re actually less likely to encounter problems during the wet winter.