Water Damage Services Tehachapi, California

Are you in need of water damage services at your home or business in Tehachapi, California?  Even limited flooding or fire, without professional remediation, can quickly lead to further destruction.  There is just a 24 to 48 hour window to prevent secondary damage.  JW Home Care’s water damage restoration services can help prevent mold, warping and buckling floors, crumbling drywall, and even structural harm.  Through our comprehensive fire damage restoration, we carefully and meticulously remove smoke and odors to lessen staining, discoloration, and other smoke damage throughout your home or business.  We’re also licensed mold removal experts.

Whether you need mold, fire, or flood restoration our experienced crews are ready for 24 hour emergency services.

Why Choose JW Home Care?

JW Home Care can help you understand just how much damage a few gallons of water can cause once it has soaked into flooring and inside walls. This is also true of smoke that can reach into the most unexpected places.  A fuzzy spot, an unusual odor, can be a sign of a mold issue.  It may seem small but could just be a sign of a much bigger hidden problem, with the potential for some very serious health problems.

JW Home Care, fully licensed, insured and highly rated, has years of experience in water damage recovery in residential, commercial and industrial projects.  Our highly trained technicians are certified in a range of cleaning and restoration specialties.  Our large inventory is well-maintained with cutting-edge equipment such as water extractors, refrigerant dehumidifiers, unique air movers and dryers, HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers, dry-ice blasters, and ozone generators.  We’re family owned and operated.

Our experts are on-call and ready for action 24/7/365.  After a thorough assessment they’ll present a detailed plan of action tailored to your specific Tehachapi circumstances.

Insurance Claims

As soon as a disaster occurs, contact your insurance company for a quick notification.  The filing of the actual insurance claim happens later.  Next, take immediate action to mitigate any further damage to avoid a preventable loss that wouldn’t be covered unless you’ve taken all reasonable mitigation steps.  JW Home Care works closely with your insurance company to provide the detailed documentation they want to see for a smooth claims process.

Water Damage

The top priority to reduce water damage repair costs is repaid water removal.  There’s more than the obvious wetness.  Quickly water travels deeply within the building’s structure where natural evaporation takes many weeks.  Deterioration of drywall, wood, and other building materials starts almost instantly.  Using our high performance water extraction equipment on floorings, walls and ceiling.  Then to remove every last bit of excess moisture, we use our commercial-grade dehumidifiers and air movers for a complete structural dryout. While the dryout is ongoing, we utilize a specific process for cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing furniture and other possessions and for the building itself too.

Flood Damage

Whenever water has come in contact with the ground (IICRC category 3 — such as in storm flooding), it will be filled with germs and other disease organisms, many of which become airborne.  That calls for expert sanitation by our certified antimicrobial specialists.  Our flood restoration crews will wear protective clothing and ventilators, isolated the affective areas, and perform exceptionally thorough cleaning and disinfecting.  In addition to water damage restoration measures, our flood damage removal services will also take care of debris cleanup.

Water that has come in contact with the ground (IICRC category 3 — such as in storm flooding), can be filled with disease organisms and germs including airborne.  Our certified antimicrobial specialists will provide expert sanitation by wearing protective clothing and ventilators, isolating affected areas and thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting. In addition to the above measures, we will take care of debris cleaning as part of our flood damage removal services.

Fire Damage

Fire damage requires a wide range of special skills due to the combination of smoke and soot, combination of direct damage and the water and foam used in firefighting.

First we will assess all the damage and conditions and shore up any structural weaknesses including boarding over wall openings and tarping any roof openings.   Next removal of any debris and initial cleaning following by removal of both damaged and undamaged furnishings and possessions.  Then smoke and odor removal, water damage removal and fire damage repair.  Finally cleanup and haul away.

Smoke and Odor Removal

Hundreds of harmful chemicals reach about anywhere in your home or business from soot and smoke.  They discolor materials in minutes or hours and stains can become permanent quickly.  The acidic compounds begin corroding metal quickly and can even etch porcelain and glass over time.  Porous materials are highly susceptible to odor-causing compounds as they can penetrate so deeply that they can no longer be removed.

The removal of smoke and odor is urgent and extensive.  Dry ice blasting may be involved for large building surfaces.  Cleaners uniquely formulated for particular combinations of the type of smoke and the materials affected are used for smaller surfaces, furniture and other possessions. For porous materials, our ozone generators produce a gas that penetrates the inner surface of the porous materials and breaks down odor compounds that dissipate harmlessly.

Mold Remediation

If you have more than 10 square feet of mold, the EPA specifically recommends using licensed mold remediation specialists (https://www.epa.gov/mold/mold-cleanup-your-home). Mold is a fungus that does not need light to grow so what you are seeing may only be a small portion of a much larger problem.  Following a detailed checklist performed by JW Home Care is licensed and certified mold remediation experts, we start by isolating the work area,  setting up setting up special exhaust fans and air filters, mold removal by any of several approved methods, decontaminating the building, and removing musty odors.