Shafter, California Water Damage Services

Are you dealing with fire or water damage at your home or business in Shafter, California? A tub overflow or a burst washer hose are relatively minor problems but deserve immediate professional attention to prevent further damage.  Let JW Home Care be your local Shafter experts for water damage restoration, mold remediation, fire damage restoration, and smoke and odor removal.

JW Home Care

We’re a full service water damage company, far more than an ordinary cleaning service.  Our company is fully licensed and and insured.  JW Home Care is family owned and operated and we provide outstanding residential and commercial services along with exceptional customer care. We employ highly trained certified technicians and arm them with cutting edge equipment and the newest technologies.  Our cleaning and restoration specialists are dedicated to top-quality workmanship.

In order to save you time and frustration, our experienced staff works directly with your insurance company for estimates, approvals, and the detailed documentation required for insurance claims.  We’ll also make sure that their mitigation requirements are met so that should any secondary damage still occur those losses can be covered.

Water Damage Restoration

A small leak can quickly lead to damage, with water soaking deeply into building materials. Our water damage restoration services have you covered from a plumbing fault to a burst washer hose to inches of standing water.  Our trained technicians will assess and devise a plan of action for each source of water and extent of flooding for your home or business.  Following IICRC guidelines ( we’re ready to tackle everything from Class 1 (little or no wet carpet and only part of a single room affected) all the way to Class 4 (one or more rooms with soaked flooring, water wicking upwards inside walls saturating insulation, and even stone and hardwood saturated).

In a little as a single day, mold and other water damage begins, yet deeply soaked moisture can remain at harmful levels for many weeks.  Rapidly and thoroughly drying the entire building and all of its contents are a top priority.  Turning those weeks into just a few days, forestalling further deterioration and getting your life back to normal much sooner is accomplished by our certified flood restoration technicians.  Our water damage removal work proceeds in two main phases.  Specially-designed vacuum equipment on walls and ceilings as well as floors for an immediate drop in humidity is used for water extraction  Followed by a complete and thorough structural dry out through an extensive set of refrigerant dehumidifiers, industry-specific air movers, and other equipment.  Frequent monitoring keeps everything adjusted and lets us know when the job is done.

Mold Remediation

Have you noticed fuzzy blotches or health issues such as irritations, allergies, or prolonged flu-like symptoms?  These may only be revealing part of the picture and mold remediation may be necessary.  Mold, a type of fungus, grows without light so the bulk of a problem may be completely hidden.   A specific plan of action with detailed checklists will be completed upon assessment by our  licensed mold remediation specialists. Our work then proceeds in three main, and often overlapping, phases.  First, to prevent the spreading spores, allergens, toxins and other contaminants we will install plastic sheeting and setting up negative-pressure exhaust fans along with HEPA air scrubbers.  Second, thorough spore and mold removal via any of several approved methods.  Affected porous materials such as wood and drywall must be removed completely.  Third apply a non-toxic mildicide and decontamination procedures such as air duct cleaning and carpet cleaning to guard against re-growth..

Fire Damage

Repairs from fire damage are due to the combination of direct damage, smoke and soot, and the water and foam used in firefighting involve a wide range of specialty skills. The key aspects of fire damage include assessment of all damage and conditions.  Then shoring up any structural weaknesses, boarding over wall openings, and tarping over roof openings; then debris removal and initial cleaning and removal of both damaged and undamaged furnishings and possessions followed by smoke and odor removal.  Next water damage removal and fire damage repair.  The final step is cleanup and haul away.