Bakersfield Dryer Vent Cleaning


We perform quality dryer vent cleaning services at economical rates for Bakersfield homes and businesses.  Your clothes dryer pulls in air from the room or garage, heats it, passes it though tumbling clothes, and then blows it outdoors together with the heat and humidity.  To do that the dryer has a flexible hose connecting it to an air duct (that can be anywhere from a few inches to many feet long) and finally to a vent on an outside wall.  A clogged dryer vent makes the dryer work harder and take longer, and accumulated lint poses a significant fire hazard.

Have an Annual Cleaning

You may know that air ducts collect dust and other contamination and may need cleaning every few years for the best indoor air quality.  But consider your dryer’s vent and duct.  Some of the lint makes it through the filter and a corrugated hose along with twists and turns trap it.  Other debris can also cause a clogged dryer vent.  We’ve even found birds’ nests in Bakersfield vents.

Anything that reduces airflow makes your dryer work harder.  Here are some symptoms that it’s likely time for our dryer vent services.

  • Clothes take too long to dry.  Especially if that’s more than one cycle.
  • The outsides of the dryer feel hotter than it should
  • The vent flap outside doesn’t open when the dryer runs.
  • You notice a burning smell.

Or if it’s been more than 1 to 2 years since the vent was last cleaned.  Major manufacturers recommend cleaning once every year.

Besides greater safety, you’ll benefit from faster cycles, lower energy use, and a longer equipment lifetime.

Those energy savings are nothing to sneeze at.  Some references claim that lint and other blockages add $0.50 to as much as $3.00 in utility bills per load.

TIP:  Here’s a quick check to see if there’s a major problem.  Pull the dryer out a little and disconnect the vent hose at the dryer.  If operation returns to normal there’s a significant blockage.

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Our Services


Our Bakersfield dryer vent cleaner services protect against fire, save you time and money, and let you keep that dryer longer.  Our professional equipment includes rotary devices a bit like a drain snake but more gentle, along with air jets and air brushes.  We’ll then vacuum up loosened lint, dust, and debris using specialized equipment for a thorough cleaning.

For commercial establishments with any sort of a laundry room it’s important to make absolutely sure that the job is done right for both fire safety and customer satisfaction.  Our experts understand laundromats, apartment commons, college dorms, hotels, and motels.

Tip:  Dryer vent cleaning should be done whenever the dryer is replaced.  If not before — it many not be necessary to replace it after all!

Did You Know?  The US Fire Administration reports that on average 2,900 house fires per year are caused by clothes dryers resulting in 5 deaths and $35 million in property loss. The Consumer Product Safety Commission puts the total number of fires at 15,000 per year with 20 deaths and $84 million in losses.

TIP:  Don’t store flammable items near a dryer, no matter if electric or gas.  And be sure it’s off before leaving home.

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We’ve been providing fast, thorough, and affordable cleaning services for over 6 years.  We cover Bakersfield and 80+ other cities but we’re not a franchise.  Locally owned and operated we emphasize employee training together with the best tools and equipment.  We’re a single company for all your dryer vent, air duct, carpet, upholstery, tile and grout cleaning needs.

Growing Bakersfield

In 1863 lawyer Thomas Baker arrived for the gold rush.  His settlement became known as “Baker’s Field” and was a stop over for travelers.  By 1880 the population was a whopping 801.  But with the oil rush that had jumped to 2,626 in just 10 years.  Bakersfield first incorporated as a city in 1873 and reincorporated in 1898.  In the most recent (2010) US census the population was 839,631.